Who are you?

My name is Dan and I have been a gamer my whole life. From the age of 3, when I started playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES, I connected with video games on a very personal level and used them frequently to escape from my reality. No other medium gives you such a dramtic and compelling experience from start to finish. My passion for games has fueled my desire to share them with the world through my live stream at www.justin.tv/dansgaming. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than knowing that someone else has experienced a game that I have loved.

What are your favorite types of games?

My favorite type of game is one that makes you feel a strong emotion. Often the emotion is excitement and tension, but my personal favorite are those that make me feel joy, sadness, and even heartache. I want a game to go beyond just entertainment and give me an immersive, emotional experience that sticks with me. Don't get me wrong, I love and play most all types of games, but the ones that make me feel are the ones that I like best.

What are your computer specs?
  • AMD Phenom 3.4 GHZ II X4 965 Black Edition (Quad Core)
  • Nvidia Geforce GTX 470
  • Asus M4A79T Deluxe motherboard
  • 4 GB Kingston RAM
  • 300GB Western Digital VelociRaptor
  • 465GB Harddrive 7600 RPM
  • 1250W CoolerMaster power supply
  • Windows Vista Ultimate
What consoles and capture card do you use?
  • Playstation 3 Slim 320 GB
  • Xbox 360 Slim 250gb
What broadcasting software do you use?
  • Xsplit 
  • Dxtory (Capturing Fullscreen PC games)
  • Avermedia Center (Capture Card Software)
Why do you ask for donations on your page?

I can't afford to bring every new release to the stream on release date. The chipins are there for the people that want to voluntarily help out with the purchase of new releases. Donations aren't and never will be mandatory, the stream will continue even if a donation is never sent again. I have been extremely greatful and shocked by the generosity of my viewers. I never would have thought when I started this stream that anyone would be willing to chipin or go as far as to purchase games for me and the stream.

Where do you buy your games?

Digital purchases are made through Steam or Direct2Drive.

Physical purchases (console games) are always purchased through Amazon or (rarely) Gamestop.