Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Highlighteers Program!

It's becoming harder for me to keep up with everything on my own anymore with working basically two full time jobs, one I hate (Real job) and the other I LOVE to do (streaming). I need your help and will reward you for it!

Want a chance to earn a game on steam? Make Highlights of my Stream! Highlighting is easy and I'll post an instructional video and post soon for it.

Every good highlight will earn you one chance to earn a steam game as long as you follow the rules below. We will draw a winner twice a month and that person will get a chance to buy one steam game of their choice worth a set amount of $$ that I'll be deciding later (probably $5-$10).

Rules for Earning a Chance at a Steam Game:
  • The moment highlighted must be something entertaining and worthy of a highlight. Highlights of meaningless junk won't count. I will decide what counts and what doesn't.
  • You must be the FIRST person to highlight that moment. Highlighting someone else's highlight or after someone else will not count. So highlight quickly.
  • Only highlights made during the period of the drawing will count towards your chances. i.e. once a prize is drawn your number of chances resets.
  • Currently the Drawing periods will be the first and last half of each month. Program starts TODAY, first prize will be awarded on 10/31/11. Highlights created between the time of this posting and that date will count.

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