Sunday, August 21, 2011

Upcoming Adventure Game Trailers

Lucious is an upcoming adventure game in which you play as the devil's six year old son. With supernatural powers, you systematically kill the inhabitants of the mansion in which you live. Lucius should release early 2012.

 Secret Files 3
We played the first 2 games on stream and had quite a few laughs. Overall they were pretty good adventure titles and the sequel comes out next year.

From the creator of Scratches, comes an all new horror adventure game. Set inside a mental institute this game looks like it's going to be full of good scares and creepy atmosphere.

Y: The Case of John Yesterday
From the creators of Runaway comes a new mystery/horror thriller adventure. Homeless people are being buried alive with a letter Y forming on their hands in New York City.



  1. can't wait for secret files 3. Watching the first two sold me on the series

  2. Amazing games, we have the same taste for games,Dan