Monday, August 8, 2011

Portal 2 Co-op Monday & Tuesday 8/15-8/16

Portal 2I need a co-op partner for Portal 2 next Monday and Tuesday! If you meet the following requires make a post here answering the questions! If possible, I may try to switch in multiple players.

  • Own Portal 2 on PC or PS3
  • You are able to play Portal 2 and talk on skype at the same time
  • HAVE NOT PLAYED THE CO-OP ON PORTAL 2 BEFORE (I want us to solve them together not have you tell me how to solve them)
  • Over the age of 16
Respond to this Post below with the answers to these three questions if you qualify:
  1. What is your screen name?
  2. What is your email address?
  3. Why should I pick you over the other people wanting to play?


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  2. Sinaris
    I watch your stream alot and i have fun spouting what i feel are funny comments :P. I have a good mic and am used to doing things on stream with people. Also I wuv oo :P