Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hidden Gems – Lost Horizon

Lost Horizon - Free Demo [Download]Hidden Gems will be a series of posts about wonderful little video games that are not well known. These games are for gamers that are tired of the mainstream clones and are willing to try something new.

To day’s featured Hidden Gem is Lost Horizon. Lost Horizon is a PC only game so it unfortunately is unavailable on consoles but retails for only $20 on steam. This game is a styled like a traditional point and click from the 90’s but has beautiful modern day graphics and cut scenes.

The game takes place in 1936 just before the second world war with German Nazis traveling the world looking for mythical treasures and weapons to help them conquer the world. The player plays as Fenton Paddock, an ex-British soldier and a avid smuggler. Fenton’s friend Richard (I call him dick) has gone missing in Tibet and must go looking for him. Along the way Fenton gets caught up with the Germans who are looking for an ancient city to help them gain power.

The gameplay of Lost Horizon is very traditional point and click adventure involving finding items, interacting with people/objects and solving puzzles in the environment. There is a good mix of traditional puzzles and puzzles that involve using items you have found around the world. Occasionally the player will have to perform some quick time events during action sequences but the game challenges your brain much more than it ever challenges your reflexes.

The game does a brilliant job of telling a story filled with romance, action and mystery blending fiction with real events. Most of the puzzles of the game fit in seamlessly with the story never breaking the immersion. The gameplay sequences flow directly into the cut scenes that do a great job of placing intense action in the game where the gameplay doesn’t really allow for it.

The graphics and music of Lost Horizon are simply beautiful from the very first minute you start the game. The graphics have a real hand drawn feel to them that will give you a sense of nostalgia but will still impress with their detail and beauty. The graphics are 3D but is laid out in a traditional 2D pan that most of the adventures of the 90’s had giving the environments beautiful graphics but ease of play with just a mouse. In between many of the playable scenes are some really well made cut scenes that are usually full of action sequences and some quick time events that bring a real sense of action and thrill to the game.

Overall, Lost Horizon is a game that thrills and entertains while challenging your mind to solve puzzles. Any gamer who loves point and click adventures and even some of those that don’t will really enjoy this game. The game feels like a full budget title and didn’t get enough recognition in the press. The game is only $20 on steam at http://store.steampowered.com/app/40350/. This game is Dan approved!

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