Thursday, July 14, 2011

Looking For Moderators

I am in need of some moderators and first let me describe why I am rebuilding the moderator base. There are way too many times that something is happening in chat and not one of the 15 moderators in chat questions what’s happening or does anything about it. In addition, many times the ban tools are used not in the way I’d like, people are moderating things I don’t want moderated, etc.

Before I describe what I want in a moderator, I want to make something perfectly clear. Being a moderator in my channel will no longer represent a badge of status and nothing more. You will be volunteering to give up your casual viewer status and dedicate yourself to staying active in the chat or at the very least always watching the chat, and keeping elements out of the chat that I don’t want. When things happen in chat that requires moderation, and no moderator responds, you will be held responsible and I will contact you. Again this is a voluntary position. You may receive rewards for your help, but don’t expect or demand it.

Qualities in a Moderator
  • Can be active in the channel most days of the week
    • At least 2 hours a day M-F, at least 3 days a week
    • AND/OR At least a few hours on the weekend either day
  • Preferably you love to chat, because those that use chat tend to be watching chat and will see things immediately
  • Able to keep your cool – No fighting, getting upset with people, etc.
  • Keep your head to the ground. Not talk down to people because you’re a mod and they are not
  • Responsible and Mature.
  • Able to judge quickly between what is a joke and what is not and responding
What I Expect from a Moderator
  • Follow the guidlines I'm going to give you very closely that includes:
    • Banning as a last resort
    • Always Checking the account of a linker
    • Warning kindly and not fighting
    • Keeping chat moving by talking with viewers
  • In the channel during most weeks for at least 3 days during the week for at least 2 hours or on the weekends for at least one day for at least a few hours.
  • Always keeping your cool

If you want to be a moderator send me an email to with the subject line: Mod Application [Your username].

Include the following Information
  1. Username on
  2. Your Age
  3. Your Timezone & Country
  4. How long You’ve been watching the stream
  5. Your Availability most weeks for Each day of the week (Mon, Tues, wed, etc.)
  6. Why should you be a Moderator?

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