Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Long Term Stream Changes

I want to roll out changes slowly over time to add a bit of more professionalism, structure and organization to the stream. I will focus on each phase in stages to make sure the transition is smooth and each layer is as good as it can be.

Phase 1

Solid Schedule: For the first phase I want rigid solid scheduled timess. For example, I want everyone to know at exactly what time the game will start begin played, when the commercial break(s) are, etc. Outside of these scheduled times everything will be relaxed and normal, but during these scheduled blocks I will up the ante by being professional, as entertaining as possible, extremely interactive with the viewers, and following the schedule to the letter. The games schedule during these blocks will only be played during these blocks so everyone can keep up with the story/gameplay.

Phase 2

Production Values: homemade commercials, Informative Slides, Transitions, Scripted Segments, HD Camera, etc. will be slowly and professionally incorporated into these scheduled segments to make each feel like a amateur show.

Phase 3

Special Segments:
  • Multiplayer Days
  • Gaming News Segments (With guest Anchors)
  • Interviews with people of interest
  • Promotion of other Streamers and their Events (Marathons)

Phase 4

Website: Someday I will eventually want a professionally looking website to tie everything together into one package.

Phase 5

Reach out to Publishers for:
  • Early Streams of Gameplay
  • Giveaways
  • Review Copies

As you can see I want to take the stream to the next level and be the best I can be and the best the stream can be. We are looking at years of changes here, this won’t happen over night. I want to know what your opinions are and if you have any suggestions or things to add.

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