Monday, July 25, 2011

How I Lost over 30 Pounds

**Check with your doctor before beginning any weightloss program**

There’s the secret and I didn’t even charge you $39.99 with $6.95 in shipping and handling.

Knowing what to do is the easy part, actually doing it is the hard part. Motivating yourself to change the lifestyle you are so used to is going to be hard. Food has become a source of comfort in our lives instead of what it should be: a fuel source. These days we eat even when we aren’t very hungry due to it being comforting and having a great taste. With all these extra calories coming into our body and our bodies moving and exercising less and less it’s no wonder we are all packing on extra pounds.

I can’t motivate you, your friends can’t motivate you, there is only one person in this world that can motivate you enough to change your life and that is you. If you are relying only on someone else to prop yourself up and get you to lose the weight then you are destined to fail from the start. You have to want this; you have to be willing to sacrifice in order to gain. No book, movie, or person will ever be able to make you lose weight. This is a journey that you alone have to take. If you can’t discipline yourself, if you can’t choose to be healthy, if you give up, then you will never achieve your goals. You must believe you can do this and you must constantly keep yourself motivated.

I am talking about motivation before I ever get into specifics because it is so important. Everyone knows how to lose weight; I don’t have to explain how because you already know. You’ve known your whole life but you have been holding yourself back. Why are you choosing this life? Why aren’t you willing to be the person you want to be? You must tackle these problems and face them head on. Many of us are caught in a cycle of being stressed about our lives, eating to feel better, gaining weight, feeling stressed about being overweight and eating even more to feel better.

There is no magic pill, no magic machine, no secret plan, it’s all right in front of you. Do it for yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you or even what you think other people think of you. All that matters is that you are happy being who you are. If you are unhappy about being overweight then you have to take the steps to change your life. Will it be easy? Of course not, but many of the most rewarding things in life are never given to us easily. Motivation is the key to success and if you aren’t willing to do what it takes it won’t matter what I tell you.

I am going to now describe what I did to lose the weight. First I told myself that enough is enough, I kept telling myself for years that I’d lose the weight later, but I said to myself “If I don’t lose it now, I never will because 20 years of later will pass and I’ll never change.” I knew in my heart that I was doing exactly what my parents did and look at them now, still saying to themselves they will lose the weight later in their 40’s. Both of them are very unhealthily overweight and I worry about their health. I don’t want to end up that way.
There are many factors to consider when losing weight that you must consider. There are some people in this world with wonderful genetics that can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound, weight lift however they want and look like gods, but we are not these people. We will have to watch what we eat and exercise regularly in order to lose weight.

I’m going to keep this very simple because losing weight is simple, it’s just not easy. Your diet is the most important part of your weight loss. If you don’t change your diet, it doesn’t matter if you exercise or not because you aren’t going to lose any weight. Losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise; yes it’s that important. I’m going to be completely honest with you, you can change the way you eat and see noticeable weight loss every week even without exercise and I’ll explain why in a minute. Exercise is still important though as it will make you healthier and help speed up your weight loss.

Your body naturally burns calories just by being alive each day. If you lie in bed and don’t move a muscle you will naturally burn 1,500-2,000 calories a day depending on your age, weight, etc. Go to and figure out your BMR. This figure is known as your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and is important in determining how many calories you should eat a day in order to lose weight. If you eat fewer calories than this number each day you will naturally lose weight with or without exercise. I’m going to go over some very simple math you will need to utilize to determine how much you can eat per day in order to lose weight. It’s considered safe to lose between 1-2 pounds per week but some people can safely lose more.
One pound of Fat is 3,500 Calories.
There are 7 days in a week. (3500 Cal/7 days=500 Cal/Day)
To lose at least 1 Pound of Fat per week, we will have to eat 500 Fewer Calories than our BMR a week

BMR-500= How many calories you can eat per day in order to lose weight
My BMR is 1800, so I can eat 1300 Calories a day to naturally lose one pound of fat per week.

I know you are probably thinking, “that number is really low!” and “how could I possibly eat that little each day?” It will be extremely tough if you continue to eat the things you eat. As I said earlier you will have to sacrifice in order to gain. By sacrificing these foods that are simply terrible for your body, you will each week notice that weight scale to drop pound by pound. Imagine in one year if you lose 52-104 Pounds! Imagine if you looked in the mirror and for the first time in your life weren’t ashamed or embarrassed. It doesn’t matter what others think, but imagine if for the first time in your life YOU thought you looked beautiful (you always were beautiful, but for the first time see it yourself). It’s not going to be easy, but it will be extremely rewarding.

Eating 3 big meals a day is probably what most of you have grown up on, but if you want to lose weight faster, you are going to need to eat about 3 small meals and 2 snacks throughout the day to keep your metabolism high. Digestion burns calories as ironic as that sounds so eating does help you lose weight as long as the calories are low.

Now that you know what meals you need to eat, you must learn what foods you should eat. From this moment on, read the nutrition label on absolutely everything you are about to put into your body. Don’t be fooled by the label make sure you read how many servings are in the bottle. If a package has 3.5 servings, then you must multiple every number by 3.5 to fond out how many total is in the package. Look at the ingredient list and ask yourself is that something you want to put into your body. My advice: cut out anything that has ingredients you don’t understand as it’s probably not good for you.

After examining the foods you were eating and drinking, you’ll notice that everything is really high calorie and eating like you were would be extremely hard to only eat say 1300 calories in a day. The two things that are highest in calories in most of your foods are carbohydrates (mostly sugar) and Fat. You will need to eliminate nearly every food that is high in either of these if you want to eat 5 small meals a day and keep the calories low.

Thus you will need to limit your diet to fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, low fat meats (Chicken, tuna, fish), very limited amounts of whole grains (Brown rice, oatmeal). Things you should eat extremely small amounts of or not at all are fat free dairy and healthy oils like olive oil. Drink lots of water and cut out all soda (even diet soda since fake sugar is bad for your health).

Make your own meals, count how many calories are in each. If you make a healthy meal like a grilled chicken breast and some lightly salted, steamed veggies (no butter) you can have a large plate that is low calorie and healthy. For salads, extremely limited amounts of light dressing, a salad covered in ranch is worse for you than a cheeseburger. Fruits and nuts are great for your snacks. Hardboiled eggs with no yolks are really cheap and healthy forms of protein that’s good for breakfast. Beans are a little high in carbs so be sure to limit your intake, but they are good protein for vegetarians. Salsa is absolutely amazing for adding flavor and almost no calories to a meal.

There are lots of good tasting, low calorie meals you can have throughout the day that will help you lose weight. It may seem like a huge burden at first, but after a few weeks it’ll become like habit. Eliminating these foods will cause you to start feeling much better, intestinal problems like gas and diarrhea will start to go away since you are eating proper food and not junk. You may be tempted to cheat, but keep in mind every wasteful calorie that you eat (even in moderation) will just put the finish line a little bit farther away. Once you cheat it starts becoming easier and easier to cheat then you find yourself back where you started. Please resist all temptations.

If you want to lose weight faster and feel healthier, I recommend exercising as well. You don’t even need to spend any money to do it. Do jumping jacks, run in place, pushups, pull ups, run with the dog, anything you can do to get your heart rate up and keep moving for at least a half hour a day will help you feel better and lose weight even faster. I recommend picking up a exercise game if you have a system already to make exercising more fun. If money is not an issue, then go to a gym and take some aerobic and cardio classes. Combined with your diet, you are gonna see the scale drop really fast.

As you can see, losing weight is relatively simple and I didn’t tell you anything you probably didn’t already know yourself. Simple does not mean easy however. This will be hard for many of you. I want you to be a healthier version of yourself for your spouse, your kids, and most important of all: yourself. Please keep thinking of the goal and how good it’s going to feel. Keep me updated on your weight loss, I’d love to see progress reports and before/after photos.

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