Friday, July 15, 2011

The Darkness

Score: 7/10
Length: 10 hours
Platform reviewed: PS3

The Darkness is one of those games that’s sitting on the clearance shelves of most retailers for under $10 that not many people know about. When released the game didn’t get a lot of attention and sort of flew under the radar of most gamers. I decided to buy a copy since it was recommended to me by a couple of people.

The darkness is based of a comic book series about a young man named Jackie who has demonic powers that are only usable in the dark. The darkness is a being with its own consciousness that is using Jackie as a host. Jackie has a girlfriend named Jenny that is the center of his universe and one of the only things he lives for. Jackie is part of a mob style family that is run by his uncle Paulie and from the start of the game things start to heat up between Jackie and Paulie. Their conflict is the central focus of the game and spread to involve his girlfriend and the darkness itself.

The gameplay is a lot of fun in this game due to the mix of first person shooting and darkness powers. The FPS mechanics are very solid and there are several guns to try out and use but these are not where the real fun is. Jackie’s has access to a several demonic powers that are only useable while in the dark. In order to use them Jackie must be in darkness in order to charge them up so the player will need to shoot out light bulbs and smash lamps in order to create darkness. While in the dark, Jackie can regenerate health, summon creatures, impale enemies with a demonic penis (or arm), summon a blackhole of darkness, and control one of his slithering demoic snake like creatures to stealth kill enemies. Each one of these powers are a lot of fun to play around with and keep the game from getting dull.
The Darkness is not a perfect game as I did have some issues that dragged the game down for me. The first I had with the game was finding your way around the city. The directions are often vague and I was constantly wishing I had GPS system or something to help me find where I needed to go next. Second problem was the lack of direction at times. I once was stuck in a room for almost 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get out due to the game not specifying what exactly I had to do to get out of the room. My final issue was the story’s pacing issues. There were some very well acted and written sequences in the game that really moved you but these were spread out really far between repetitious levels of shooting enemies.
Overall, the darkness was a fun game that is definitely worth it’s bargain price of $10.The story was pretty good, but not something that will win any awards. The gameplay is a lot of fun and I recommend it to anyone that likes shooters and game with super powers as you will get a kick out of it. Definitely pick this game up if you are looking for a cheap, fun time.

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