Saturday, July 2, 2011

2 Year Anniversary Contests

Intro/Outro Video Contest (Ends July 29th)

I need a kickass Intro/Outro Video(s) for the stream. Create a Mind-Blowing Intro and/or Outro Video for a chance to win games on steam. The value of the game you can choose will depend on the quality of the final version of your video(s). A professional looking (pro software), custom animated, 3D video will earn a much higher valued steam game than a quickly edited together video of various clips. The videos can be of any length and can be as creative as you want. PLEASE MAKE THE VIDEO AT LEAST 720p (16x9). Feel free to create a new brand logo (Dan’s Gaming) for the stream. All Submissions will become property of Dan’s Gaming Stream and you give the stream permission to display your video(s).

1.   1.      Create your video and upload it to youtube
2.   2.     Post the link to the video and your username in the comments section here on the blog
3.   3.      Email the actual video (not the youtube link) video to with the title “Intro/Outro Submission”. Include your screen name in the body of the email.
4.      4.   After the Contests Ends, we will hold voting over a few days to determine the winner(s).
      5.   The winner(s) will be contacted to tell them how much Steam credit they have earned and ask them to choose their choice of game(s) on Steam.

Channel Design Contest (Ends July 29th)

1.     1.  Create a new channel design for the stream including : Banner (160x125 pixels) and Background (1920x1080 or larger).
o   Use your background on a new channel to test it out and make sure things are pushed up to the edges of the area the stream covers up.
o   Remember that only a portion of the background will ever be seen as most will be covered up by the stream itself.
2.     2.  Reply in the comments section below with your username if you are submitting a channel design
3.     3.  Send copies of the background and banner to with the Subject of the email being: Channel Design Entry. Include your screen name in the body of the email.
4.  4.  After the Contests Ends, we will hold voting over a few days to determine the winner(s).
5.    5.  Winners will get to choose a game on steam for either $5 or $10.

Favorite Stream Moment Contest (Ends July 31)

1.     1.   Describe your favorite stream moment either by drawing, writing, painting, making an object, tshirt, video clip etc. (creativity is limitless)
2.     2.   Grab an index card or a piece of paper than is 3in x 5in, write your screen name, email address.
3.     3.   Send both your favorite moment and your index card to my PO Box.
·         Dan’s Gaming Stream
PO BOX 3642
Columbus, OH 43210
4.     4.  The favorite moments will be shared on stream on my 2 year anniversary (August 1st).
5.  5.   The 3x5 cards will be placed in a hat and random winners will be drawn to win steam games and other prizes.


    jtv: Blu3hand

  2. intro:
    Jtv: General_qwetch