Friday, July 1, 2011

2 year Anniversary Coming Soon!

The end of July will be my two year anniversary of my first broadcast on In order to celebrate I want to take the stream to the next level. From the first year to the second I have made quite a transformation going from a relatively unknown caster to one of the more recognized ones. I am going to be working hard on some changes for the stream.

1.   My Personality – I’ve been extremely exhausted on stream and it’s been showing, I’m going to try my hardest to talk more and talk to you more as viewers. I’m going to make sure my energy level is higher too.
2.   Schedule – I have been focused on my health and that’s caused me to have an unusual stream pattern lately and I need to get back on a more standard schedule. I am going to try out a permanent 7-11PM Schedule or a 6-10PM Schedule, let me know what you would prefer. I am Also going to be taking at least one day off every week to prevent from getting burned out.
3.   Better Production Values – I want to kick up the stream a little bit by implementing some better graphic design, Cooler Transitions and Effects. Overall I want a more professional feel to the stream as this will attract Game Publishers more than my amateur stream. I need the help of people who are experienced with graphic design and wouldn’t mind working on some professional looking yet simple and/or complex static images and short videos. Please contact me at if you’re interested.
4.   More Community Interaction – I want to interact with the viewers more in terms of multiplayer gaming, Skype conversations, off stream conversations, and fellow streamer promotions.
5.   Website – I would love to finally have a website in which I can combine forums, tweeting, youtube videos, the stream, my blog reviews and posts in one place. I have absolutely no experience with website design and will need the help of some volunteers to build me a professional looking website. Please contact me at if you’re interested.
6.   Fan/Critic Feedback- I will be asking your opinions more about what I am not doing that you want me to be doing or what I’m doing that you wish I would stop. I can not please everyone, but I will try to see where the opinions of the majority of my viewers are.
7.   Publisher Partnerships – I will be working on contact video game publishers to try to get giveaway materials, permission to stream gameplay early, get early review copies of games, and try to get interviews either live, recorded or just text based.
8.   Help – The stream is starting to become a lot of work for one person to handle and I really need the help of additional people. I try to do everything on my own and it’s starting to effect my life, I’m entirely drained each day from my full time real job, then my second fulltime job of streaming. I will need the help from the community in the following areas:
  •       Highlights: Making Sure important moments get highlighted 
  •       Social Media: I need people to help manage facebook, twitter, steam, etc. and help promote these things to the viewers, without being overly pushy.
  •       Community Event Organizers: I need people to try and organize multiplayer events, skype participants, advertise these events on other sites to bring new people in, etc. Organizing all this on my own seems like a daunting tasks since most of my time is already accounted for.
I want to make the stream a little more organized and professional, but I never want to make the stream not feel personal for me or the viewers. I care very deeply about my stream as I’ve put two solid years of my life into building up something from absolutely nothing. Two years ago not a soul knew who I was or cared that I existed. Today there are hundreds of people each day who wait for me to log on to entertain them for a few minutes or a few hours. It’s extremely humbling to feel like someone cares that you exist.

For many years I felt invisible, isolated, alone, and extremely depressed. This stream turned that all around for me and has filled my life with so much happiness that I can never repay the love that you all have shown me. I care so much and want this stream to be as good as it possibly can be for the viewers. Thank you so much for all the support, kind messages, and for choosing to watch me even during my boring casts.

Here’s to another year on Dan’s Gaming Stream!

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  1. With regards to 8. I know you use my bot (moobot), and I'd like to know if you could have any use of, or you got any input on some features I've had in mind that would possibly help with the problems you've listed here.

    1: Easy highlighting from chat that keeps track of highlights, and with a web interface you can create them easily in bulk

    2: Some kind of automatic notification system via twitter/facebook/SMS or something of that sort when using a command. Though I'd need more input on what that would be used for and how that would benefit a channel.

    If you have any ideas leave em here or priv msg me on JTV.

  2. in regards to number 2: 7-11 works best I would think for those who work a 9-5 ect work day and for those who use a normal school day as well. But that's just my say on the matter.
    and to number 4: the steam group would be very useful for this in my thoughts. Also having a decided day of the week for multiplayer games could help too. Such as "Multiplayer Monday!" to be slightly corny on my part.
    Another thought on that note would be to play a multiplayer game with those who bought the game as gift for you if it was a gift (if they own it themselves as well that is.)

    In the end I'm always willing to talk to you about what I can try to do to help out..Just let me know on Twitter or skype!