Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What is TwitchTV?

Many of you are wondering what exactly Twitchtv is and what it has to do with Justin.tv. If you are unaware, the entire gaming section of Justin.tv will be getting its own site by the name of TwitchTV. The new site will focus entirely on gaming and will be designed from the ground up to be as awesome as possible for the entire gaming community. Justin.tv has been working on twitch in the shadows for a very long time improving many features and giving the new site a fresh modern look. The current site you see is just a beta and will not be the final product.

TwitchTV is not and will never be a place only for esports. Let me assure you that if they ever went that direction I personally would not support it. All the streams outside of the esports section are the backbone of Justin.tv and twitch will be going over several changes during the next couple months to help make Twitch a better overall experience for all game streams. I have personally expressed your concerns to the staff directly involved with the creation of twitch. The staff has reassured me that many changes are coming to promote new streamers, give all streams more coverage, and provide a wider variety of games featured on the front page. A lot of these improvements will require extensive work and will take time to appear.

TwitchTV will end up being a much better site than Justin.tv for EVERYONE after all the work is finished. There are currently many bugs and issues that will pop up during the next couple of months, because creating a new site is a lot of work. Please try to check with a person who knows (Staff or Admins) before assuming a bug is an intended change. Many of the issues people have with TwitchTV currently are bugs that will be worked out over time.

Just about every area of the site will be looked at for improvements and many existing features (Private messaging, Highlighting, Archives, the Dreaded White background etc.) are currently being upgraded and just aren’t released yet. If you have suggestions, find bugs, or would like to comment about the site please send me an email at dansgaming@gmail.com and I will forward it to the people in charge.

I hope that I have alleviated some of your fears or concerns over twitch but I know some of you will never like the new site because it is change. Change can be a very scary thing for many of us. The sooner we face the fact that not all change is bad we can slowly start to accept the things in our lives that are changing. TwitchTV is going to come whether we choose to accept it or not. Instead of fighting the change lets do all we can to try to make TwitchTV the best place on the internet for live video game streaming.

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