Monday, June 27, 2011

Shadows of the Damned Review

Score: 9/10
Platform Reviewed: PS3
Length: 8-10 Hours on Hardest

Shadows of the Damned is one of the few games releasing this year that is not a sequel that has been made by some of the best talent from Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and No More Heroes. Experience is one thing, but the final product is what matters… did they deliver? Hell Fucking Yes they did!

I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had with this game! The game is extremely funny, action packed, and has one hell of a weird and twisted story that will keep your interest. You won’t be able to resist laughing out loud at many points in the game as the game does a great job of being funny (Something Duke Nukem seemed to struggle with).

You play as a Demon Hunter named Garcia who must rescue his girlfriend from the lord of demons in the underworld. Helping you is a demon named Johnson that transforms into your various weapons and provides humorous commentary throughout the game. He is able to transform into 4 different weapons that each upgrade throughout the game to get better. The first weapon is called “the boner” … I’m not making that up. The boner shoots is basically a pistol that shoots bones. Later this weapon can upgrade to the hot boner and the big boner and yes the game makes plenty of jokes about this.

Later in the game you will receive two more weapons that are basically a machine gun and shotgun. Each of the weapons in the game has at least one form of secondary fire. The Hot Boner for example can shoot an explosive wad and the shotgun is able to load launches a large explosive ball.  The aiming and controls are just like the fourth resident evil game so if you are familiar with resident evil 4 or 5 you’ll know the control scheme well. Throughout the game you’ll gather currency that you can use to buy health drinks (liquor) and upgrade gems. These upgrade gems upgrade your weapons and health in skill tree similar to most RPGs.

The demon world has areas of intense darkness that decays human flesh when inside for too long. While demons are coated in this darkness, they are immune to all damage and you must either get rid of the darkness in the room by various means and then dispel the light off demons using your light shot. The lightshow does no damage to enemies but it does remove darkness and provides a short stun. The game makes constant use of the darkness in puzzle solving, combat and traveling from one area to another.  

I played the game on the hardest difficulty setting and the final playtime was almost 8 hours. My actual playtime was closer to ten hours as I had to give multiple tries to some areas and bosses. Overall, I had one of the funniest and most fun experiences I’ve had in a long time with this game. While the length would seem a bit short, I was constantly glued to the screen for the time I played and had a blast regardless. This game goes on my favorite games of the year list! I'm looking foward to replaying it again and I highly recommend this to everyone!

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