Monday, May 16, 2011

Schedule for Week of 5/16-5/22

Monday 5/16: We will do our workout with MEL B around 5PM EST/10PM GMT then we will be finishing up Mass Effect 2. We currently have Tali’s loyalty Mission, Getting Legion, Legion’s Loyalty mission, the ending, and the dlc missions to finish. We definitely won’t get through all of that in one evening, but we will at least get through the ending of the game.

Tuesday 5/17: I am taking a half day off of work so I will be starting much sooner than usual. I’ll start L.A. Noire between Noon and 1pm EST (5-6pm GMT). I’ve been waiting for this game a long time and can’t wait to play! If you are unfamiliar with L.A. Noire, you will play the role of a detective in the 1940’s and must solve a series of crimes and murders. This game has the most advanced face capture technology to make interrogations a vital part of the game. You will need to be able to read people to decide if they are lying when you’re asking them questions. The game will also contain shooting sequences similar to Mafia 2 and GTA.

Wednesday 5/18: Workout @5pm, then continuing L.A. Noire

Thursday 5/19: Workout @5pm, then continuing L.A. Noire

Friday 5/20: I’ll be taking another half day off of work to start on The Witcher 2. We’ll be starting between 12-1pm EST/5-6pm GMT. The Witcher 2 is the sequel to one of the best cRPGs of the past decade. The Witcher 2 will have a brand new graphics engine, revamped combat system, and another great story that is sure to put most other games to shame in terms of depth and complexity. I personally have been eagerly anticipating this game ever since the first game was released in 2007.  We will be spending the entire weekend on the Witcher 2 because it will be deserving of that much time and dedication.

Saturday 5/21: Continuing the Witcher 2 around 10-11am EST (3-4pm GMT)

Sunday 5/22: Continuing the Witcher 2 around 10-11am EST (3-4pm GMT)

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