Monday, May 16, 2011

Preorder Dark Souls and Get Free Collector's Edition Upgrade

The publishers of Dark Souls have announced that if you preorder Dark Souls (the sequel to Demon's Souls) you will get a free upgrade to the collector's edition. As you can see, there is some really nice stuff in this collector's edition that many people would have paid the extra $20 for. You will receive for free if you preorder:
  • Limited Edition Art Book
  • Strategy Guide
  • Sound Track
  • Making of DVD
  • Game Guide
  • Custom Designed Metal Case
 This is the proper way to encourage people to preorder your game. You are giving them a very generous bonus and not hurting people for not shopping at a specific retailer. Dark Souls is available on both PS3 and Xbox and will release in October.

You can preorder at Amazon and pay only $1 for release date shipping meaning it will arrive at your door the day it's released.

Dark Souls will play very similar to Demon's Souls but will be in a different world, have a different story, and will be much harder. The environments will also be more varied and it will be one continuous world with no loading screens. I personally am very excited about this due to Demon's Souls being absolutely awesome!


  1. Oh how I want this game, but I see a LOT of temper tantrums in my future if I get it.