Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean: Early Impressions

Score so far: 4/5
Platform Reviewed: PS3

Lego games tend to be all built on the same formula that has sold very well for the franchise. With platforming, simple combat, puzzles, and tons of unlockables and collecting, Lego games are fun for all age groups. Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean doesn’t stray away from this formula but still introduces another fun Lego game that spans the story of the 3 Disney movies. So Far I’ve played about 4 hours worth of the game and these are my first impressions.

From the very opening cinematics, you see the retelling of the movies with a lego twist. Even the most “intense” moments in the movies are kept light hearted and have a bit of humor. Graphics are beautifully crafted while keeping the lighthearted appearance of being a Lego world. Character animations are top notch from the sword fighting to Captain Jack’s movements and give a real since of life to the Lego characters.

Combat is pretty straight forward with each character having 1 or 2 ranged or melee attacks that is easy to pick up and play. When you die there is no real punishment only you lose some Legos and pop right back into the game. Even though most things in this game are simplistic in design they can be a little challenging to master providing entertainment for both child and adult alike.

Overall I found myself having a good time with the game and recommend it. If you have liked the previous Lego titles, you will definitely like this game even though there aren’t many “new” gameplay elements. My only complaint is the lack of online co-op instead of just local co-op.

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  1. Looks great! :) I really wanna try the Lego Harry Potter though o.O