Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Duke Nukem Forver has Gone Gold!

Duke Nukem Forever has been the longest running joke in the video game world. It was originally supposed to release in 1998 about thirteen years ago and has been suffering constant delays and even cancelations. Today is the day that Duke gets the last laugh as his game has finally gone gold! After thirteen long years, the final version of the game is being printed onto DVDs and bluerays. Many, including myself, thought this day would never come.

Duke Nukem Forever will finally release on June 10th internationally and June 14th in North America. Yes, finally europe will get a game before the United States. A demo will release exclusively to Duke's First Access Club members on June 3rd. Duke Nukem will be available on Play Station 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Who's Excited?! What do you think? Will it be any good?


  1. haha dan i get it 4 days before ya :P

  2. OMGOSH.. I am so Excited. I never thought this day would come lol <3<3