Thursday, April 28, 2011

Portal 2 Review – Single Player

Score: 5/5
Length: 9-10 Hours
Version Reviewed: PS3

I had extremely high expectations for Portal 2 due to the original being such a brilliant game. Portal had set such a high standard for what a puzzle based game could be by incorporating a great story surrounding the one, the only GLaDOS. The ending of portal had left many wondering how they could possibly have room for a sequel and more importantly how can you create a sequel without it feeling like more of the same.

Valve is a master of its craft and put all of our concerns to rest with the sequel. Portal 2 improves nearly every aspect of the first game from story to game play mechanics. The game start to finish is funnier, more clever, & more engaging than the first game on numerous levels.

The new characters of Wheatley and the CEO of Aperature Science are charming, hilarious and a welcome addition. Puzzles are more complex than the first game and will require more thinking. After the first handful of puzzles, the game starts introducing new puzzle mechanics. Regular introduction of objects like repulsion gel mix things up and keep the puzzling fresh and varied.

Overall the single player alone is a good 9-10 hours of an absolutely thrilling gaming experience and is only half of the game. The game also features several hours more of co-op play that continues where the single player leaves off. The co-op play will be reviewed separately at a later time when PSN is back online.

One Sentence Review: Portal 2 is an amazing experience that improves on nearly every aspect of the first game and is worth the full price of $60.


  1. it's amazing about u think the level is impossible but then.....boom.... u think "fk!!! i got it!!"
    It makes u think u are SOOOOOO smart

  2. Lol, yeah well...Portal 2 is just plain smart all over :)